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Traditional methods of seed quality assessment are effective but often time-consuming, labor intensive, destructive and require highly trained experts

We combine multispectral imaging and machine learning to provide a fast, non-destructive and versatile seed evaluation system.

This system produces information that vastly improves the efficiency of your purity, germination, vigor, disease and coating analysis processes.


The following tests can all be simultaneously completed in under 20 seconds

Physical Purity
Physical purity
shape distribution
Size and shape distribution
Mechanical damage
Mechanical damage (broken, skinned and cracked kernels)
Germination and vigor prediction
Pathogen detection (fusarium, aflatoxin and other molds)
Foreign material detection
custom applications
Other custom applications
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We provide the technology, training and support our customers need to harness the power of multispectral imaging in their labs and facilities. Our team combines years of experience in seed research, product design and industrial automation to serve today’s agricultural operators.

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