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Will this work for my application?

Our Technology has been used in a wide-range of agricultural applications, including row crops and vegetable seeds, as well as pharmaceutical, textile and food quality applications. Check out our seed application or feed application pages, or click here to schedule a time to talk to one of our application specialists about your unique needs.

This is pretty complex technology. How, exactly, does it work?

While multispectral imaging has been used in labs for years, combining it with machine learning is a more recent innovation. Get in touch with one of our technology specialists to ask questions and learn more about multispectral imaging and machine learning.

I’m interested but not convinced. How can I be sure about this technology?

You can connect with one of our application specialists to dive into the next level of detail and get answers to your tough questions. You can also fill out this form to request a feasibility test for your unique application.”

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We provide the technology, training and support our customers need to harness the power of multispectral imaging in their labs and facilities. Our team combines years of experience in seed research, product design and industrial automation to serve today’s agricultural operators.

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